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The Importance of Social Communication - Garwin Murray



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featured Articles

Strategic Communication is all about the odds

NO! When we hear the word, we feel crestfallen and try to run away from the situation. Our brain is conditioned to escape from danger in the famed “fight or flight” fable.

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The Power Pose & greet (1st phase)

Starting out as a Communication Strategist you need to fake it till you make it as you will be opposing your brains reaction to “flee” from social interactions.

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Importance of Strategic Communication

Why is Social Communication important? Millions face social anxiety. With technology, face to face communication has gotten harder and seems irrelevant. The ones who has the skill will excel better in their lives and careers. Simple fact.

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Art of Persuasion - The Reciprocity Rule

Simple rules to use the art of reciprocity into your life and become more likable.

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