Transform yourself to a more motivated, positive thinking … you!

Do you want to escape that fear of failing at work or in life? Come discover your true-potential and find out how you motivate yourself.

The programme will coach you on how to break away from the imaginary walls of your comfort zone and think positive and attain goals in life. Through self mastery and the right attitude, 'thinking positive' is a possibility.


"I am excited to share my knowledge with anyone who wants to make a difference in any part of their lives. Be it from goal setting, overcoming fear & failure to improving time management." - Garwin Murray

What does it offer ?

The programme concentrates on you, your need to develop yourself and improve your personal strengths. You will be guided step-by-step, and taught the tools for personal and professional achievement.


Get out of your comfort zone: Don’t get lost in a world of dissatisfaction. You no longer need to hide in that comfort zone, lost, shy or scared. You can achieve those goals in life you have always wanted to attain.


Motivate yourself: Ever wanted to do a task, but a discomforting feeling kept you back? Don’t stress yourself in not doing a task or reaching that target. Motivation is inter linked with life’s passion, you’ll be surprised to know that you yourself can motivate yourself.


Become a leader: Do you lack self confidence to be a leader? Fed up of being a ‘yes man’ or doing what others say? Every leader needs to discover how to better his/her capabilities and take control of his/her life. Now you can gain much self confidence through this training program.


Do well in life: Your life’s path brings you family, friends, colleagues and associates; relationships that matter in varied spheres. Building bridges is never too late. Come find out how making friends and keeping them, will make a difference.



Become a great public speaker

Become a great public speaker 06/08/2019

People think public speaking is all about talking to a large crowd whilst standing on a daunting stage with the spot light on you? It's just a part of public speaking. There is similar fear to speak even on one on one conversations or smaller groups. Become a master of overall public speaking. read more

Total transformation program - 01 year

Total transformation program - 01 year 24/11/2018

Why are the Special forces ... well Special. Its because they are a handful who survive training both mentally and physically. Its the same in life, the 10% of the elite train them self to be both mentally and physically fit to face any challenge life throws at them. This program is specially created to a tough cookie in the real world. But Garwin needs your time and commitment for one year. Otherwise don't waste your money or his time. (There are no quick fixes to change) read more

Transform yourself to a more motivated, positive thinking … you

Transform yourself to a more motivated, positive thinking … you 20/11/2011

Never settle for less that your worth. And keep increasing your skills and capabilities. Explore what's out there. What's stopping you? If you are not motivated enough ... read more

    Wanting to find that key to unlock the door to your dreams & aspirations? Individual attention is given to understand your requirement and the programme will be catered to suit your need.


    Did you know that even after taking the initial steps in the training programme, a change in a person can be seen? Then, imagine when you can be when you complete the whole training! You will be a more motivated, enthusiastic and courageous person with a determination of reaching your goals.


    Through the programme you will discover how to:


    Motivate yourself: understand that you have the power within you to achieve your dreams in life. It will help you make a profound change you in your life, for the better.


    Pick yourself up: there are times in life when you feel low, and there seems no way out of the sadness that overwhelms you due to a loss of a family member or a friend, a job or something that you held dear. It will help you overcome the sense of loss, without feeling guilty; to pick yourself up and lead a depression free life.

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