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Strategic Communication is all about the odds15/12/2020

Strategic Communication is all about the odds

NO! When we hear the word, we feel crestfallen and try to run away from the situation. Our brain is conditioned to escape from danger in the famed “fight or flight” fable. Unlike our ancestors who had to run away from wild animals, nowadays we find ourselves running away from social situations where the big bad 03 exist. (Rejection, failure & embarrassment)

But if we want to have more success in communication, we need to do the opposite. We need to face it as success is a game of averages. If you’re in sales, you will know that to get a customer to say “yes” you need to go through 09 clients who will say “no”. Great salesmen know this, and they play the averages. Similarly, in social situation, you need to understand that not everyone will smile back, want to be your friend, or buy your product. You need to accept it and keep moving forward, reminding yourself that if you could convert 20% of your interactions, that is a freaking good conversation. Hence, starting of in your journey as a “Strategic Communicator”, you need accept the law of averages and be just fine with it. In our programs, we help you build your mindset to handle any social situation with courage and confidence. Join our “Trainee Strategic Communicator” program for full access to the technique.

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