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The Power Pose & greet (1st phase)23/11/2020

The Power Pose & greet (1st Phase)

In my programs, the first thing we work on is your physiology. In effect, starting out as a Communication Strategist you need to fake it till you make it as you will be opposing your brains reaction to “flee” from social interactions. One of the first methods we train on is the Power Pose and greet (1st phase). The first phase is get comfortable with being uncomfortable with initial social interactions. The Power Pose and greet is simple but very effective. The challenge for you is –

1. Walk with confident posture

2. Give 03 second eye contact. (Don’t look away no matter how uncomfortable)

3. Smile (If they don’t smile back its ok)

For it to become natural you need to do it 07 times a day into one month. (Total 210 pose & greeting) Once you have mastered this area we can then move onto the 2nd phase of the power pose and greeting. #powerpose #garwinmurray

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