Master Strategic Communicator Level (MSC)23/11/2020

Final stage. 04 months of advanced theory and practical. Once you have become fully comfortable in the social eye and learning the techniques. Now it will be fully implementing, analyzing, correcting. Until you get most areas right so that you can be called a Master Strategic Communicator.

 One hour per week sessions for 02 months & thereafter practical with one-hour session fortnightly for 02 months (Face to face or online depending on your location)

 Advanced Persuasion skills

 Becoming a competitive speaker (Taking part in a speech competition)

 Deeper look at Behavioral Analysis (Social Game theory, sherlock effect, decipher personalities)

 Build 4X communication mind set (financially, mentally, physically)

 Practical’s and daily journaling

 Final review of performance and success averages.

 KPI’s / challenges – Advanced compulsory social challenges will be set and discussed after completion with evidence. (04 public speeches including one competitive speech, 30 days rejection program, make 05 new friends, speak to 25 strangers, power greet 300, take part in 05 public events, 01 speech at a social or public event, make 03 YouTube videos) #garwinmurray #communicationstrategy