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The Intelligent Leader26/08/2015

The Intelligent Leader –

Amongst my plethora of training programs, I like to introduce to you the “Intelligent Leader” series.

We have read that great leaders are born. What if I was to tell you that it is untrue? Great leaders can be created just like you could become a good sportsman if you put your mind & body to it.

But do you know the issue? We all give up sooner than we start because the path to becoming a true leader is not easy. We come up with excuses such as I’m not cut out to be a leader or my circumstances doesn’t let me.

Through research and practical implementation I can tell you that you can become not just a leader, but an intelligent one. Yes I’m raising the bar. Nowadays you get all sought of leaders out there, but to stand out you need to be an intelligent leader.

In my closely designed program I’ll bring out ethics that an intelligent leader should fulfill. Each ethic is a subject in itself and needs lots of commitment. You need to earn it. I will teach you how … intelligently. 

Remember you can’t wake up one day and expect to be an intelligent leader. It takes commitment and endurance.  Here are some of the ethics you will be learning in my “Intelligent Leader” program.

Ethics of a Smart Leader

  1. Early to bed and early to rise.
  2. Health is wealth  
  3. Knowledge is knowing.
  4. Great communicator
  5. Emotionally Intelligent responses.
  6. Build great rapport.
  7. Tenacious Time Manager
  8. Unflappable temperament 
  9. Strategist / Architect
  10. Simplicity with quality
  11. Honest and Assertive
  12. Attention to detail
  13. Visionary and Creative
  14. Implementer
  15. Charismatic ….  And more

Each ethic has to been learnt and practiced. Hence patience is the key.  I will teach you the methods on how to create a balance to become an Intelligent Leader.

Catch you soon. Leave you with a quote to ponder on. ….. Greatness is the little things done well!!


Garwin Murray





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